dōTERRA Wholesale Customer Q&A

doTERRA Wholesale Customer Q&A


  • Can a Wholesale Customer take advantage of the 90-day upgrade move more than one time?
  • A.   No. A wholesale customer can only use the 90-day upgrade move one time. Their enroller will receive a 14-day sponsor move first as they enrol and again if they upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account after having a Wholesale Customer account for 90 days or more. If they subsequently convert their account back to a Wholesale Customer account and upgrade again to a Wellness Advocate account, their enroller will not receive another sponsor move.
  • Can a Wholesale Customer transfer into a Wellness Advocate position?
  • A.  In select cases a Wholesale Customer may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position. If the position they wish to transfer into is underneath the same enroller, then they may be allowed to transfer into a Wellness Advocate position with placements approval.


    • Wholesale Customers can help you qualify for ranks and bonuses just as Wellness Advocates, including Power of Three and Fast Start. 
    • By signing up downline members as Wholesale Customers, you can better distinguish between users and builders on your team and support them accordingly. 
    • Wholesale Customers who upgrade their accounts to Wellness Advocate Accounts at least 90 days after signup will be eligible for an additional 14-day sponsor move.
  • Can I still enrol as a Preferred Member?
  • A. When the Wholesale Customer program launches the Preferred Member account type will no longer be an enrolment option. Current Preferred Members will eventually be converted to either a Wholesale Customer or another business account type.


  • How does the upgrade process work?
  • A.  Upon login to the doterra.com back office, a Wholesale Customer will see a button in the upper right hand corner titled, “Become a Wellness Advocate”. You can follow this link and agree to the Wellness Advocate terms and conditions. Then you can instantly upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account.

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